After lots of wind and rain, we went down to the plot for a check-up, just to make sure the shed was still there and to see what plastic might need repinning. The shed was indeed still there and all nice and dry and only a few sheets were flapping about.

Some of the bulbs have started to come up among the somewhat messy flower beds, including anemones with flower buds. the beds I left unfinished last year still haven’t been finished off, which is a bit annoying, but the conditions haven’t really been amenable. The uncovered veg beds show much much rain has fallen, looking rather squelchy and washed out. I’d get soaked if I attempted to do any gardening at the moment, so there’s just no point.

There’s clearly plenty of activity in the allotment when I’m not there though. Aside from all the little holes under the fence all around, this time I discovered that something has been burrowing at the bottom of the compost bin. And of course in the soil that they’ve dragged out, there’s a discarded seed growing.


I took a few more ornamental gourds to the compost bin, making it a very pretty place. I also dug over the veg bed where the carrots had been previously and found three little snack carrots. I pulled up a bunch of big, easy weeds from the other veg bed, but didn’t have the energy to dig it over properly, so the silly radish remains there, lording it over everything else.


I went down to the allotment to put a few mouldy gourds and my birthday flowers into the compost, and to dig up all the remaining carrots. Happily, the soil was damp enough to make the job fairly easy. There were more good-sized carrots than I thought there would be, as well as a number of snack-sized ones and one humungous one weighing 383g. There were also lots of little beetroot and a few reasonable sized ones. Chances are, they’re woody though. The late summer sowing of carrots is visible, but not worth looking at, they’re much too small.

It was too dark and cold to rip the carrot tops off in order to put them straight in the bin, so I took them home whole to do that at home. Walking up the path, the basket full of carrots was quite a weight and I found myself counting my steps to get myself up the path, like I used to do 2 winters ago when I didn’t have a shed yet.


Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary with Plot 5B.

I pulled up the frosted nasturtiums and discovered that some slightly leggy anemones were already coming up among them. All the rubbish went into my new birthday buckets. Pulling on some grass, I also managed to hit myself in the face with a nettle, but fortunately, my face didn’t notice.

The earth was wet and was able to pull up lots of weeds – including thistles that come up with their roots – and make a bit of a difference to the right hand bed. For the most part the verbena, Michaelmas daisies etc can be left uncut as protection for their bases and new growth until spring. I cut the height off the verbena by Mr B’s gate though, because it was leaning all over the place looking messy. The long-serving marigolds and zinnias have finally given into the frost, so they’ve come up too.

Ultimately I was driven home at about the scant 2-hour mark by cold feet and constant drizzle.